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Mother of pearl gemstone is a nacreous inner shell having a coating of pearl which produces molluscs. Such creatures have three layers, the first most or the outermost layer ie periostracum, the second layer is the layer of calcite and the last layer or the innermost layer is of nacre, which is also called the mother of pearl. The innermost part is produced by the mantle of the mollusc. This gemstone is found all over the world. Because Of the reason that it produces pearls with a shell. The drawback of this is that it rarely a pearl. To protect its soft body, mollusc will produce a pearl, by enclosing a parasite in nacre. These are cultured to allow more people to acquire. This gemstone is used for thousands of years, as it was used by the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. This gemstone becomes very popular during the Victorian Era, in the West. In order to decorate the households items, buttons, screens and boxes, used by the Victorians. It is produced and exported by the USA.

It can be identified by its lustre and iridescence. Conch shells has a porcelain-like luster because of the reason of different internal structure. Aragonite helps in the determination of pure gemstone. it can also be found in saltwater and freshwater. Sources can be found in many different countries named as Japan, Australia, Persian Gulf, Sri Lanka and in India also. There are various colours of this gemstone-like white, silver, bronze, red, brown and many others. The other name of this is orient, caused by light interference and dispersion. It is also opaque. It some translucence when comes in the form of a thin layer. The surface of this gemstone results in both internal and surface reflection. Impressive lustre can be produced by a thin layer of nacre. They have a wonderful shape like a flower and other fancy shapes, which are mostly used as inlay. Cabochon gemstone has a very low dome because of its thinness. In order to produce a uniform white colour, gemstones are sometimes bleached. And also produces other colours. It belongs to a small group of organic gemstones. It is most closely related to pearl. Conches and Abalone produces various types of mother of pearl. They are incredibly beautiful and have iridescent colours.

One can find the various mother of pearl gemstone stores particularly in DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur, India. They provide a wide variety of gemstones and jewelry of these gemstones to their customers. They also provide a wonderful facility of online booking and free delivery to their customers. One can find numerous designs of jewellery for their use. jewelries are in the form of rings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets. They are used to make attractive bracelets, pendants, brooches and many others. It can also be drilled and strung as necklaces. It is advised that one should buy coloured gemstones by their size but not by their carat weight. It is noticing that some gemstones are larger and some are smaller than diamonds, in comparison to weight.


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