Mother Of Pearl Meaning, Physical And Healing Properties

Mother Of Pearl - A Design Like Pearl

Nacre, otherwise popularly known as the ‘Mother of Pearl’ is a material used widely in designing jewelry. Long gone are the days where people used emerald and Ruby as the gemstone. People nowadays prefer unique combinations that make their collections look more beautiful. If you are searching for such a unique collection, then this block will be the perfect option for you. Pearl jewelry has always gained attention among women regardless of the time. It has a special place in the fashion market and still is considered in a variety of models. But along with pearls, we also used their shells in the market since they provide a shiny appearance. The design offered by these shells has gained a vast place in the market, and let us now look at them.

Mother Of Pearl Meaning, Physical And Healing Properties


Mollusks are a part of invertebrate animals that researchers have commonly found in multiple regions of the world. The mother of Pearl is a beautiful inorganic substance produced by the mollusk within their shell layer. This inorganic substance has the same physical properties as Pearl, except they are flat and shine as a layer. This unique appearance makes it a suitable option for jewelry, especially as a gemstone. People nowadays refer to such a collection, and this design is reliable and iridescent. The mother of Pearl gemstone manufacturing has become quite common nowadays, and we find them in ancient times. We widely found them in some lineages, including by valves and cephalopods.

Physical Properties

This component, called Nacre, comprises hexagonal platelets. The entire structure is small and has measurements ranging in microns. We usually make them up of calcium carbonate material called aragonite. The collection provides a rectangular disc pattern when observed under the microscope. The structure is made up of multiple sizes and is well known for its toughness. With a physical structure similar to silicon, they have very few cracks and are suitable for jewelry collections. Most people do not understand the formation of this unique design since all mollusks do not exhibit it. Based upon the recent research from the 2021 paper, the layers performed by the organism with the spiral defect. This structure was later assembled and found to be uniform in structure.

This material is often secreted by the epithelial cells of the tissue of the mollusk and continuously deposited. The deposits are not uniform at the beginning, which later turns out to be extremely uniform and perfect. They are available in both black and White-colored forms and used for laminations, ceramic tiles, and marble basis.

Healing Properties

The mother-of-pearl comes along with tremendous healing power. It is popularly well-known for reducing the stress within the body and providing a soothing effect. It can induce the power of the brain and improve your imagination and adaptability. This gemstone is mainly used to maintain a proper balance and harmony within your life. It produces clarity while taking proper decisions related to the factory and home-based life. It improves your capability to endure troubles. This gemstone can be worn as a ring, especially with other lucky stones for birthstones. People wearing them are benefited from immense power and peace within their minds.

This stone is often associated with the number 8 with influence towards the planet moon. Some of the colors associated with the stone include cream and black. They are also available in beige color and cream shades.


People use this material for lining the top of the clips and other designer products. Some of the commercial uses in fashion include Pearl buttons and other hair accessories. They were also being used widely for making unique bracelets preferred by both men and women all over the world. Such collections can also be found with the mother of Pearl jewelry manufacturers in India. We also use them for decorative purposes, especially in architecture. The architects use designs cut into multiple shapes and sizes with a ceramic tile or marble base. We cover the top layer of the tile or marble with such a shiny material. They use a unique polish that preserves the structure for a long time.

As mentioned above, most kings and Queens used them in the buttons and some parts of their costumes to provide an elaborate and decorative outlook.

Similarly, this product is also used in certain music keys and to provide a decorator motive on the musical instrument. Certain musical instruments like violin and Cello are also made up of this gemstone. They have a thick layer which makes them suitable for decorating the gloves of the firearms to provide a perfect grip. We can also use them for creating utensils for storing valuable products like caviar.

Designer Jewelry Implementation

Similar to other jewelry items, this mollusk is also used as a gemstone to provide a beautiful twist to the collection you are wearing. Designers use these gemstones in pendants and other fashion items like earrings, bangles, and necklaces. Most of the time, these gemstones are combined with other gemstones for high-quality pearls to provide a unique design. They are commonly available among the wholesale Mother of Pearl jewelry providers and in showrooms like DWS.

In Jaipur Rajasthan, we are a Mother of Pearl jewelry manufacturing company in India. Each product is well defined, and the quality is maintained. The collections are available for both standard and bridal designs. If you are a person interested in creating your unique design, then we are the best choices available in the market. This product is not just for our beauty, but you can use them to improve your internal peace. We accept custom orders and test each product for safety before being introduced into the market. Hence, the quality of the product is perfect, so people interested in purchasing their designs can email the picture to the showroom for more discussions in the future. We will manufacture the product for you and deliver them on time to your home. We charge the same price and charges for the product.


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